Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Start of the Reflux Journey

When my son was born in 2010, not many people knew how close we were to losing him due to his severe pediatric reflux.  Even though he is a healthy boy today, the 6 to 9 months in which my husband and I fought to keep him alive just after birth will forever be burned into my memory, as it is with all reflux parents whom are either going through it now or post recovery.  

It is a total blessing that moms of reflux babies come to visit with me when signing the books to discuss their challenges.  And surprising how physicians can misdiagnose such a time sensitive issue.  

Just recently, a loving mom came to Paragraphs Book Store at South Padre and explained how her pediatrician (not aware of the reflux diagnosis) determined that she was feeding her son too much, which is why he wasn't keeping anything down.  With babies whom fight to keep any substance or nutrients in their systems, this was probably the exact opposite of what a reflux mom should be advised on what to do.  

Her dearest friend, Kelly, knew about the book and our story personally.  She told her friend to search for my story in case her son had reflux, and maybe she could find some similarities.  Of course, her son did have moderate reflux.  And great to report, at only a few month old, he is eating and keeping most (not all) formula and medicine in his stomach for his body to consume.  

Of course, it wasn't apparent to me at the time when I was suffering with Braydon that I would have the opportunity to speak to wonderful moms all over the nation due to a children's book illustrated by such a talented illustrator Israel Dilean.  This book took form during a very trying and scary time.  Yet because of the book, after speaking with so many moms who are confused and worried about why their baby is "not normal", with a little luck, we can spread the word of experiences with reflux, how we have learned to cope and get to a "normal" baby as quickly as possible, so mom can be "normal" too!